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What's the GenussCard and how it works?

The GenussCard is an inclusive guest card. With the GenussCard you can use over 280 excursion destinations free of charge. The card is included in your room arrangement, which you book over a GenussCard host.

How long does the genusscard season last?

The GenussCard is offered all year long. Please not that the card includes seasonal excursions. Therefore not all services are available 365 days a year.

How do I get my GenussCard?

You get your card by booking holidays at one of our partners.

Can I buy the GenussCard?

No. The GenussCard is not a purchase card. You only get the card by booking holidays at a partner-accomondation.

How long is the card valid?

Your personal GenussCard is valid during your stay in the region. Check-in-day and check-out-day are included. Please note the opening hours of the excursion destinations.

Which desinations are included?

More than 280 excursion destinations can be used free of charge with the GenussCard. You can choose destinations from 5 different thematic areas: culture, culinary, active, nature and water. If you stay three nights (or longer) you can even visit special destinations like thermal spas and get free bike rental.

Do children get their own card?

Children do get their own card starting at the 6th year of life. Children younger than 6 years can use the facilities in accompaniment of parents free of charge.

Who helps me with further questions?

If you have questions refering your stay, please contact your host. If you have questions about the GenussCard, please contact us via email.

What's the difference between the GenussCard and other guest cards/tickets?

The GenussCard ist a card only for holiday-guests in Eastern Styria, Thermen- & Vulkanland, Southern Styria and the region of Graz. You get your personal GenussCard by booking holidays at one of our GenussCard-hosts. The GenussCard is not a discount-card. The card-services are included (free of charge).

How often can I visit the desinations?

All card services can used once during your stay. Outdoor pools can be visited daily. If you stay three nights or longer you can visit your partner thermal spas once during your stay.

My card looks different from the one in the brochure...

At the start of 2024, we changed the design of the card. As a result, the GenussCard now looks like a playing card, the card is your personal trump card on holiday. Partner hosts can use up and issue cards from the previous year without hesitation; these will of course continue to be accepted by the excursion destination partners (green “old” GenussCard is still valid).

Is the card available for my mobile?

Yes. You can use the GenussCard on your smartphone. The App is available for iOS and Android. Here you find further information.


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