General terms and conditions

Usage of the services offered by the GenussCard


All individuals who are rightful owners of the GenussCard have the right to use the services offered by GenussCard partner businesses (excursion providers) at no extra cost. The GenussCard enables all individuals who stay at one of the GenussCard accommodations during the valid season and are registered with the official registration form marked for that purpose to use the designated services of the GenussCard excursion providers. The services are marked and listed in the GenussCard brochure.

Scope of Services/Disclaimer of Liability

All the GenussCard excursion establishments listed in this brochure have committed themselves to providing the services designated as GenussCard services to the holders of the GenussCard during the valid season, in accordance with their general transport and business terms and conditions, and in full quantity during regular business hours. The holders of the GenussCard are aware that the operating hours of some excursion establishments, especially due to weather and seasonal conditions, may not coincide with the entire period of the GenussCard. For some establishments, there may also be longer waiting times due to capacity reasons. The holders of the GenussCard agree to the stated opening hours, any access restrictions, and the utilization information of the excursion establishments. They waive any claim for damages if the offered services are not provided or only partially provided due to operational reasons or without the fault of the excursion establishments. The excursion establishments are liable only for gross negligence and willful intent, but not for slight negligence. Furthermore, there is no liability for any carried wardrobe or other valuables. The holders of the GenussCard also acknowledge that the Genuss-Card GC GmbH (card operator) is authorized to terminate the agreement with individual excursion establishments for important reasons during the season. No claims of any kind can be asserted from this.

Requirements for obtaining the GenussCard

The GenussCard host is obligated to draw the guest’s attention to the GenussCard regardless of the length of their stay. The guest who stays at a GenussCard host will receive the GenussCard from their host for the duration of their stay. The following conditions expressly apply to the issuance and use of the GenussCard. The guest must sign the GenussCard to make it valid. By signing the card, the cardholder agrees that the card operator (Genuss-Card GC GmbH) will store and retain the data for internal purposes.

Agreement or consent for the issuance of GenussCard to guests

The GenussCard holder expressly and irrevocably agrees that all data relevant to the issuance and use of the card will be disclosed to the Genuss-Card GC GmbH for internal use only, for operational, monitoring, and analysis purposes. The GenussCard holder also expressly and irrevocably agrees that in case of invalidity of the card, the partner providing the service (excursion operator) is authorized to access the data of the GenussCard holder if the card is used.

Non-transferability, loss, and validity

The GenussCard is non-transferable. The GenussCard is only valid in combination with a photo ID. The GenussCard may only be used by the person whose name is mentioned on the card or stored in the code. In case of non-use of the GenussCard, no compensation will be provided. In case of loss of the card, a fee of €3 will be charged for the issuance of a new card. The loss of the card renders it immediately invalid. Validity: The season for the year 2023 runs from March 1 to February 29, 2024 inclusive. The GenussCard is valid (for one stay) within this period.


The GenussCard is not available for general sale. Only guests who stay in a GenussCard partner establishment and are registered by the host according to the Styrian Registration Law are entitled to the card.


For children aged 6 years and older, a GenussCard will be issued.


To obtain the card benefits, the cardholder presents their GenussCard at the excursion destination. The card will be checked for validity and identity by the excursion destination either through a card terminal or by a simple visual inspection with the registration of the card number and the name of the holder. At the request of the excursion destination, the cardholder is obliged to present a valid photo identification and a copy of the registration form; otherwise, they may be denied free use.

Card damage

In case of damage or technical defects of the GenussCard, the card will be replaced free of charge by the host.

The misuse of use

In case of misuse or suspicion of misuse, the excursion destinations are entitled and obliged to retain the card without replacement. In case of abuse or well-founded suspicion of misuse, guest data will be collected and reported to the authorities. The cardholder is liable for the abusive use of the card by third parties. Theft or loss of the card obliges the holder to promptly report this incident to the respective host. There is no entitlement to a replacement card.

Disclaimer of liability of the Genuss-Card GC GmbH

The owners of the GenussCard acknowledge that the Genuss-Card GC GmbH is solely responsible for handling matters between the owners of the GenussCard and the excursion businesses or GenussCard hosts. The owners of the GenussCard waive any conceivable warranty or claim for damages against the GmbH, regardless of whether the excursion business or GenussCard host is at fault for any damage. It is noted that in the event of liability, the GmbH is not liable for such damages, especially since neither the excursion businesses nor the host are agents of the GmbH. Likewise, the owners of the GenussCard have no claim for damages against the GmbH if any services mentioned in the brochure are not provided by the excursion businesses.

Place of jurisdiction

For all disputes arising from the use of the GenussCard or any claims for damages or warranties, the exclusive jurisdiction of the court responsible for the Genuss-Card GC GmbH, as well as the exclusive application of Austrian law, shall be agreed upon.