Diverse cultural landscape

No matter if you are interested in great exhibitions or prefer visiting small ones: The museums and exhibitions in our region make your visit with the GenussCard a great leisure experience.

Art & culture at your fingertips

Exciting interactive exhibitions promise a museum visit of a different kind. With the GenussCard, you can experience up close how innovative products are created. There are also extraordinary things to discover in the past: the sight of historical relics, landmarks and unusual workshops inspire creative ideas. Immerse yourself in the special cultural landscape of the GenussCard region!

Museums and exhibitions

Embark on a special journey through time and immerse yourself in the lives of our ancestors by visiting open-air museums and arsenals. Historically significant castles and palaces bring the lives of knights and damsels to life, while diverse exhibitions are sure to inspire awe. Discover fascinating insights into the human body, get up close and personal with the laws of nature and let yourself be inspired by technically sophisticated innovations and a sea of lights in adventure exhibitions. With the GenussCard, you can experience cultural treasures in both the city and the countryside that will make your heart beat faster.



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