Region Southern Styria

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Discover Southern Styria: A breathtaking landscape, excellent wines and culinary delights at every corner.


Fine cuisine, dreamy panoramas, cultures to be experienced, a variety of wine with authenticity and character, paired with cordiality and hospitality, while always surrounded by the gentle vineyards – that’s the recipe for well-being to be experienced in southern Styria.

Fall in love with Southern Styria, the regions offers a special experience for everyone.


Southern Styria - Life tastes good. 365 days a year. Southern Styria - Life tastes good. 365 days a year. Southern Styria - Life tastes good. 365 days a year. Southern Styria - Life tastes good. 365 days a year.

On the move

Without a doubt, the rolling hills and vineyards are typical of the landscape of southern Styria. If you hike or bike along the three wine trails (the Schilcher, Sausal and South Styrian Wine Trail), or the Styrian “Ölspur” (lit. “oil trail”), you won’t get bored of the incredible, beautiful nature that accompanies you for miles.

The various tours combine gentle valleys with hilly alpine pastures that offer a great view of the everchanging surrounding countryside. Countless vantage points and lookout spots offer you a far-reaching view of Slovenia, the charming Styrian mountains of the Koralpe and of southern Styrian itself.

Extensive mountain bike trails and long-distance hiking tours within the alpine region provide moments of pure happiness at lofty heights.


Pleasure for every taste

Take a portion of culinary delights, spice it up with panoramas and add a wonderful range of excellent wines. Add a good dash of warmth and a pinch of hospitality, enjoyment and relaxation, then boil down to pure joie de vivre.

Indulgence is purely a matter of taste? We are sure that every palate will be happy here. Both the southern Styrian wine and the cuisine are colourful and multifaceted. Fruity white wines and the unique Schilcher unfold their full aroma. Pumpkin seed oil, ham and cheese specialities make Southern Styria a meeting place for friends of good cuisine. Wine cellars, vinotheques, wine taverns, restaurants and gourmet restaurants; this is where the essence of southern Styria comes into the glass and onto the plate.

When the winegrowers describe their wines, the direct sellers present their products, or the wine tavern owners serve their creative snacks – at the latest then you can feel how much passion and zeal are put into the products. It is the passion and the diversity that make our region so tasty.