General Terms and Conditions of Business Governing the Use of the Range of Services Offered Under the GENUSSCARD.


All legitimate holders of the GENUSSCARD have the right to make use of the services offered by all partner companies who are part of the GENUSSCARD scheme, without additional cost. The GENUSSCARD entitles all holders who stay overnight at one of the participating accommodation providers during the applicable season, and who have registered with an officially designated registration form,  to take full advantage of the stipulated services offered by the GENUSSCARD partner company.  The services are specified and listed in the 2022 GENUSSCARD excursion destination brochure. 

Scope of Services/Limitation of Liability:

All GENUSSCARD partner companies listed in the available brochure have undertaken to make fully available to the holder of the GENUSSCARD all their services listed in the GENUSSCARD brochure, both with regards to time and quantity, during their usual business hours, in accordance with and in consideration of their general conditions of carriage and conditions of business. The holder of the GENUSSCARD acknowledges that the operating hours of certain partners may be restricted and do not cover the entire duration of the card season. This applies in particular to those partners whose business activities are affected by the weather and seasonal factors out of their control. There may be longer waiting times at some partner companies owing to reasons of capacity. The holder of the GENUSSSCARD agrees to the partner companies’ specified opening times and capacity information, as well as any limitations of access. You waive any claims to compensation should the service provider not be able to fulfil the offered services in part or in full, through operational reasons or through no fault of their own. The service providers shall only remain liable for acts of gross negligence and intent, but not for ordinary negligence.  In addition, there shall be no liability for items left in the cloakroom, or for other valuable items brought into the venues. The holders of the GENUSSCARD also acknowledge that the GmbH is entitled to terminate their agreement with individual card service providers for important reasons throughout the season.  No claims of any type may be made from such circumstances.

Conditions for issue of the GENUSSCARD:

The participating accommodation provider is obligated to make the guest, regardless of their length of stay, aware of the GENUSSCARD.  When staying with one of the participating accommodation providers overnight, the guest will be issued with the GENUSSCARD for the duration of their stay. The conditions and provisions governing issuance and usage of the GENUSSCARD are as follows.
The guest is to sign the GENUSSCARD, at which point it becomes valid. By signing the card, the holder of the card authorises the card operating company (Genuss-Card GC GmbH) to store and use his or her data for internal purposes.

Declaration of consent or approval for issuing the GenussCard to guests

The GenussCard holder expressly and irrevocably agrees that all data relevant to the issue and use of the card may be passed on to Genuss-Card GC GmbH for internal or control and analysis purposes for internal use only. The GenussCard holder also expressly and irrevocably agrees that, in the event of the card being invalidated during use, the service partner (excursion operator) is entitled to inspect the data of the GenussCard holder.


The GENUSSCARD is non-transferable. The GENUSSCARD is only valid when presented alongside a photo ID. The GENUSSCARD may only be used by the person whose name appears on the card or is electronically stored in the card data. No alternatives are offered in the event of non-utilisation of the GENUSSCARD. Should the holder lose the card, he or she will be charged €3.00 for a replacement card. The card is immediately invalidated if lost.


The card season for the year 2022 extends from 1st March until 31st October. The GENUSSCARD is valid during your stay in this time period. 


The GENUSSCARD is not available for general sale. Only guests who have officially registered as hotel guests in accordance with the applicable Styrian law and stay overnight at one of the participating accommodation partners are entitled to the card.


Children aged 6 years and older will be issued with a GENUSSCARD.


In order to obtain the benefits conferred by the card, the card holder must present his or her GENUSSCARD to the service provider. The service provider will check the validity of the card either with a card reader or by visual inspection and noting down the card number and name of the holder. The card holder is obligated to produce upon demand a valid form of photo identity, otherwise free use of the services can be refused. 


In the event of damage to or technical problems with the GENUSSCARD, the card will be replaced at no cost by the accommodation provider. 


In the event of misuse or suspected misuse, the GENUSSCARD service provider partner is entitled and obligated to confiscate the card with no compensation. A complaint shall be filed in the event of misuse or justified suspicion of misuse. The card holder shall be liable for improper use by a third party. The card holder is obligated to report any theft or loss of the card without delay to Genuss-Card GC GmbH by phoning +43 3382 53955 or reporting it direct to their accommodation provider. The card holder shall not be entitled to a replacement card.

Genuss-Card GC GmbH Exclusion of Liability:

The GENUSS card holder acknowledges that Genuss-Card GC GmbH solely acts as a facilitator between the GENUSS card holder and the service provider, and participating accommodation providers.  The GENUSSCARD card holder waives any claim against the GmbH for any conceivable warranty claims or compensation claims for damages, regardless of whether or not the service provider or participating accommodation provider is to blame for damage, in the event of damage. It is furthermore pointed out that in the event of a liability case, the GmbH is not liable for such damages, especially considering that neither the service provider nor the participating accommodation providers are assistants of the GmbH. Likewise, the GENUSSCARD card holder shall not be entitled to any compensation from the GmbH in the event that any of the services listed in the brochure are not fulfilled by the partner companies.   


It is understood that exclusive jurisdiction is held by the responsible courts governing Genuss-Card GC GmbH for all disputes arising from the use of the GENUSSCARD with regards to damages or warranty, and this contract shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of Austrian law.